Report: 32 deaths have been attributed to the flu in CT

HARTFORD – The State Department of Public Health said 32 deaths in Connecticut have been attributed to the flu so far.

According to this week’s update, flu activity in Connecticut remains high with an increasing number of patients with flu symptoms, as well as increasing numbers of flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths.

The report says a total of 824 patients have been hospitalized with confirmed cases of flu between August 27, 2017 and January 20, 2018.

Of the 32 deaths, the Department of Public Health said 28 were among patients over the age of 65, 2 were 50-64 years of age, 1 was 25-49 years of age, and 1 was between 5-17 years of age.

“The peak flu season may still be several weeks away.  I encourage Connecticut residents who have not yet received a flu shot to get one as soon as possible,” said DPH Commissioner Dr. Raul Pino.

Connecticut's Department of Public Health will hold a State Flu Vaccination Day on Saturday.

The full report can be found here