Hundreds march through the Bridgeport streets in response to shooting death of Jayson Negron

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BRIDGEPORT -- The State's Attorney's investigation absolved Bridgeport police officer James Boulay of any wrongdoing. He is now cleared.

The emotions of friends and family of 15-year-old Jayson Negron are not.

Hundreds gathered in front of a Walgreens drug store. the same location where the teenagers was shot and killed in an officer involved shooting on May 9th.

Jayson's sister Jazmarie Melendez spoke to the crowd with a heavy heart.

“I’m really, really hurt today. But I’m so proud of everything that we did for him. I see his face and I know he’s here. He’s here with us. He never left. He never left," said Melendez.

The protest mobilized.

They marched onto the steps of Bridgeport's City Hall Annex. The crowd reached a moment of clarity on what they need to do next.

"I don’t want my friends. I don’t want the people who are here to have to deal with this anymore. There needs to be change in this system," said Melendez.

“We’re not Ferguson, we’re Bridgeport Connecticut. You know and Bridgeport has a big heart. There’s many of us that want justice. We love each other. We are sometimes cited against each other but at the end of the day, Bridgeport has a heart," said Wanda Simmons, a Bridgeport Community member.