Daughter writes humorous obituary for father in Indiana

DEMOTTE, Ind. — A northwest Indiana woman has honored her father’s memory with a humorous obituary that recounts his fondness for his family and details how he left behind jars of Miracle Whip and boxes of Hamburger Helper that could prove helpful in a zombie apocalypse.

The obituary honoring Terry Ward also says he “escaped this mortal realm” with a belief of that “The Blues Brothers” was the best movie ever.

Jean Lahm says she wrote the obituary for her father with a bit of humor, because he “lived to make other people laugh.” She says she began writing the obituary Tuesday after the 71-year-old died from a massive stroke.

Lahm says she’s read comments from others saying, “I wish I would have known him.” She says she’s just happy to have been able to “get his personality across.”