Milford home break-ins continue to be a trend

MILFORD --  Milford police are warning residents citywide about a rash of home break-ins that are occurring between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Among the victims, a man, who spoke to FOX61 exclusively on the condition of anonymity, said he received a terrifying call from his wife Monday.

"My wife came home, she walked in, saw there was glass on the floor and the door was open and she called me," he said.

Roughly a dozen home break-ins over the past month have been carried out in the same way.

"Most of the entries are gained by throwing either a large rock, a brick or, in one case, a propane tank through a rear glass window and or door," said PFC Michael DeVito, who is the Milford Police Department Public Information Officer.

"It was actually about a 20 pound rock they threw through the window, unlatched the windows, came in through the windows, took everything, ran out of the door," said the anonymous victim, noting his wife and their young son were together at the time of the discovery.

Fortunately, none of the victims have been home at the time of these break-ins.

"They’ve taken cash, jewelry, smaller electronics and, recently, took a firearm from our last burglary," said DeVito

"Honestly, we are thinking about getting a dog, maybe a security system and honestly just ask your neighbors to be on the lookout," said the man.

One resident provided home surveillance video of someone lurking around their home. Fortunately, they were not victimized.

"We’ve had marked patrol’s, unmarked patrol's, different kind of vehicles almost 24 hours a day the last two, three weeks" said DeVito.

Homeowners on Cedarhust Ln., Fenway St. S., Granville Ave., High St., Housatonic Ave., Kirkside Ave. and Rivercliff Dr. have been hit.

"It really tweaks you on the inside," said the anonymous victim. "It’s not something you would ever want to feel. It’s nothing I’ve ever felt before in my life."

Milford police said their counterparts in Stratford are encountering the same kind of residential burglaries. The only description of a vehicle Milford police have is an older model, four door, gray sedan.