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Vigil held for mother who was killed in tragic multi-vehicle crash in Hartford

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HARTFORD – A vigil was held Tuesday for a mother who was killed in an accident, leaving behind her 12-year-old son.

Deidre Gray, 32, of Hartford is the latest person to be killed in a recent string of deadly crashes. It happened at the intersection of Westland Street and Barbour Street and Gray was in one of the four cars that were involved in the crash. In memory of her tragic death, friends and family set up a makeshift memorial to remember who she was as a person.

“Until this blessed day, it’s like a dream,” said Verveta Gray, mother of Deirdre Gray.

Verveta said she learned of her daughter’s death while in Jamaica. She said it was like her entire world shook to know her daughter did not make it.

It was just before 8 p.m. on January 25th. Deirdre was driving west on Westland Street when a car suddenly came speeding through a red light and hit Deirdre and two other cars. Police said that car was driven by Patrick Milner, 24, of Hartford who has been on probation since October and was serving a one-year sentence for illegally owning a firearm.

The family of Deirdre said they want to see change in Hartford, so these tragedies will finally end.

“When people try to make change in the city, it’s really difficult,” said Gary Gray, brother of Deirdre Gray.

Deirdre’s father, Michael said his daughter was his rock and would do anything for him.

“That’s my holy daughter in life. She did everything for me. If I wanted something to Jamaica, she’d send it. I didn’t have to call. She’d know what dad wants,” said Michael.

Instead of associating the busy intersection with Deirdre’s death, Gary wants officials to make it a safer spot for pedestrians and cars so this does not happen to another innocent person.

“Let’s hopefully make some change and make things happen with putting something here and making it safer for folks, you know? So my sister’s life is not in vain. Her dying was not in vain,” added Gary.

Hartford Police said their enforcement numbers have gone up this year compared to last year. Officers were just one block away conducting a DUI enforcement that night when they heard the crash which led to their response time to be quicker.

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