Guilford High School, community offer support in response to teen fatally shot

GUILFORD -- Police have identified the 15-year old as Ethan Song, a freshman at Guilford High School.

The school has offered support to his classmates. Many people in town said the tragedy hit home for them, especially for parents.

The superintendent of Guilford Public Schools sent a letter to students, parents and staff and reassured them support will be provided to get through the tragic incident.

"She was very very sad," Martin Smith of Guilford.

Smith is a father of a sophomore at the high school. He said he found out through his daughter Song was shot in a quiet neighborhood on Seaside Avenue.

"She said he was a very nice boy and I've heard from other people it was a very nice family," added Smith.

Dr. Paul Freeman, the superintendent of Guilford Public Schools released a long letter and in part, it said:

"We know that this tragedy will impact our students and the members of our extended school community. Please know that the schools will be there to support your children as they process their sadness and struggle to make sense of this event."

It was also mentioned in the letter a large amount of information has been shared on social media about the incident, but Dr. Freeman is encouraging parents to talk to their children so they do not believe everything they are reading online is true.

Guilford police are still investigating as to what led to Song's death, but parents like Smith said the tragic event has got him to think of his own daughter.

"I don't own a gun and I don't know much about what I've read about gun safety, but I would tell her if she went to a house where there was a gun out that she should leave, call me and I'll go pick her up," added Smith.

The school said there will be counselors Thursday morning to provide support to anyone who needs it. Dr. Freeman will also brief the media in the morning to answer any questions surrounding the incident.