The seal’s Super Bowl pick is in from the Maritime Aquarium

NORWALK -- Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and at the Maritime Aquarium, the pick is in.

Each year the aquarium staff puts one of their Harbor Seals to the test and asks them to pick this year's Super Bowl winner.

This year, a 35-year-old seal named "Orange" was asked to swim up to the tank window and put her nose on either a picture of a Patriots helmet or an Eagles helmet.

"It's become a thing," said Ellen Riker, an Aquarist at the Norwalk landmark. "It's a lot of fun to see who she's going to pick."

The aquarium tradition has been going on for the past six years and the seals aren't exactly experts when it comes to choosing the winner.

"This is the seventh year and they were zero for five until last year they got it right," laughed Dave Sigworth, the Aquarium's associate director of communication. "We're going for two in a row this year!"

With a few dozen visitors watching Orange, the harbor seal made her way to the helmet pictures and put her nose against the green and white emblem of the Philadelphia Eagles.

"It's official, she picked the Eagles," Riker said, "I know we're in New England here but don't hold it against us."