Wethersfield High School student displays serious work of art

WETHERSFIELD --  Yasmin Lazu, always enjoyed art, but realized it was more than just a hobby in 5th grade when it became her passion.

Lazu is this month’s featured student artist chosen for her outstanding work in visual arts and dedication to her craft.

“I feel like my art can use work so I thought I didn’t deserve it but I was happy to win," said Lazu, a junior at Wethersfield High School. "I was surprised and pretty excited because I’ve been working really hard on my art."

Her passion was fueled by her family’s support, and her talent nurtured by dedicated teachers like Andrea Hass, who recognized Yasmin’s talent early on.

“She has a real eye for color and proportion and she sees things really well and is able to translate what she sees on paper and executes her work really well and other students look up to her for advice on their artwork,” says Andrea Haas.

Recently Yasmin has been focusing on faces, fine tuning portraits of family and friends.

Her teacher says she is a quiet force in class, very dedicated and focused, but also is always ready to lend a helping hand to classmates.

“And I think she has a real curiosity for learning and for striving for her best,” Hass adds.

Her passion was fueled by her family and her talent nurtured by dedicated teachers like Haas.

Art class may be Yasmin’s favorite part of the school day, but as she explains, the creativity it fuels, flows into all aspects of her life.

“Academic life is really good it pushes us forward I think that art and music gives us an outlet to express things we can’t normally express." she said. "It helps me think in a different way. It opens and expands my creativity so like say I’m writing for English, it can help me think any different ways that I wouldn’t normally think using creativity.”