Chuckles IX says early spring in Manchester

MANCHESTER -- On Friday morning Connecticut's official groundhog, Chuckles IX did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring.

Children and parents filled the Lutz Children's museum in Manchester to hear the prediction. Manchester's Mayor, Jay Moran announced Chuckles prediction after he was sworn in.

"We miss chuckles the 8th she was awesome you know I had a special relationship with her," said Jay Moran, mayor of Manchester.

"He came to us just last year after an injury and five years after being at Meigs Point nature center in Hammonasset," said Bob Eckert, executive director of the Lutz Children's Museum.

Many parents and children were able to attend early Friday morning, because many students were either on a two-hour delay or didn't have school because of the snow.

Chuckles early spring prediction had them excited for warmer weather.

"I was a little concerned about the driving conditions but we made it out okay," said Rose Fisher, a parent who lives in Enfield. "I really really like an early spring, I'm excited to be outside with the kids and have some fun."