Escaped Enfield inmate returns to Connecticut; placed on highest level of supervision

(Left is the mugshot of Mercado prior to his escape) Right is a mug shot once he was captured. Credit: Cherokee Sheriff’s Office.

HARTFORD —  Jerry Mercado, an inmate who escaped from an Enfield prison on January 7,  returned to the Department of Correction’s in Connecticut Friday.

The State of Connecticut Department of Corrections said he is in the “highest level of supervision at the Northern Correctional Institution.”

“The 25-year-old Mercado was extradited from Canton, Georgia where he was held since being apprehended by local police on January 17, 2018.  Mercado initially fought extradition, but later waived that right,” said the department.

Authorities said Mercado, 25, of Hartford was classified as a low risk offender. Mercado last entered the system on 2/26/2016 and was sentenced in August 2016 to three years for burglary in the third degree.

He was slated to be released in January of 2019.

“The inmate’s capture and subsequent return to State custody is the culmination of tireless work by multiple public safety departments and agencies,” said Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple.

Mercado has been placed on a restrictive status at the Northern Facility, and will potentially face new criminal charges and additional time added to his sentence as a result of his actions,” said the department.