January the Waterbury rescue dog doing well a month later

WATERBURY -- Exactly one month ago today, a boxer named January stumbled upon a rescuers porch in Waterbury.

“Honestly an angel was on her shoulder," says Jennifer Humphrey, founder of Brass City Rescue Alliance. “She wandered onto the right deck”

When rescuers found January she was approximately 40 pounds. Boxers are typically 70 to 80 pounds, and right now, January is at roughly 63 pounds, which was thanks to a lot of love and more of course, a lot of cookies!

Aside from being severely malnourished, January also suffered from a host of other issues.

“It was touch and go for the first like four or five days, we weren’t sure she was going to make it," says Humphrey.

January ended up being rushed to a vet clinic in Canton, and then to Rhode Island where she had to have surgery every single day for a stretch of ten days.

“She had mastitis...she was all inflamed, and obviously had been over bred," says Humphrey. "They had to chop away at that necrotic tissue but make sure there was enough healthy tissue to close the wound, so it was a process every single day.”

Fast forward to today, and the transformation is almost unrecognizable.

"If you told me a month ago, in a month she’s going to be perfect, I would tell you, you are crazy," says Humphrey.

January's costs totaled around 5,000 dollars, but once her story was shared on social media, the donations came pouring in.

“The public was great," says Humphrey. "I paid the difference yesterday, so it’s all paid off.”

Jennifer says cases like January's are very common, and if you are looking to help she says rescue organizations can always use monetary donations, pet food, as well as cleaning supplies.

“We appreciate any and all help and volunteers too," says Humphrey. "You can always use volunteers.”

If you are looking to adopt a furry friend, Jennifer also suggests adopting a rescue.

“I urge everyone to adopt," says Humphrey. "There’s just too many dogs and cats out there who need homes.”

As for January, she is ready to meet her new family.

“The plan is by next weekend to have her in her forever home," says Humphrey. "She’s good to go, she recovered amazingly,”