The Game Behind The Game: Super Bowl ads for 2018

AVON -- The hard sell is on.

In Avon, at the offices of marketing agency Adams & Knight, the game behind the game has begun.

This year a Super Bowl ad will cost just north of $5 million for a 30-second spot so every moment counts according to Pat Dugan, creative director at Adams & Knight.

"This is one of the few opportunities to really capture the bulk of America," Dugan said.

Among Dugan's favorite spots so far, an ad for Amazon's Alexa, "its got celebrities, its got humor and hits the point of Alexa hard."

He also enjoyed a Kia ad featuring rocker Stephen Tyler.

Dugan said in the ad game, Sunday is unquestionably the Super Bowl.

"There are winners and loshttp://click, and there's millions of dollars at stake -- people's jobs are won and lost on this day."

To see a sneak peek of Super Bowl 52 ads, click here.