Glastonbury High School musician getting global attention

GLASTONBURY -- Glastonbury High School Senior Vincent Liu has a gift for music.

“You can’t express a lot of emotions with words and music is the universal language and anyone can understand it,” says Liu.

The 17-year-old plays the euphonium “It’s called a euphonium for reason, the euphony, good sounding you can create great musical melodies, you can play so many parts it is a very versatile instrument,” he says.

Liu was just tapped to perform as part of a program for exceptional musicians at Carnegie Hall and this summer he’ll take the stage at the Sydney Opera House.

Glastonbury Music Director Patrica Lignelli explains his talents, “Vincent really is an incredible learner, he is modest, he works very hard, he helps mentor students he is able to really give the full picture of music accomplishment,” says Lignelli.

“I really never had a passion, but after 10 years of working hard it shows to me what passion really is and it’s just a subject I really love to partake in,” says Liu.