Connecticut residents react to Malloy’s FY19 budget adjustment proposal

HARTFORD --  With the potential for some added costs on the horizon, Connecticut residents have mixed opinions.

"We should start cutting at the top, not at the bottom," said John Taylor of Newington. "We don’t make enough money in this state, they keep raising taxes. why?”

Governor Dannel Malloy announcing his revised budget plans on Monday, which include implementing tolls, raising the gas tax, and even a tax on tires.

“The people of Connecticut are taxed way too much already," said David LaBier of Southington. "Especially since most of the taxes are towards things that are necessities, like the gas tax, to me I call that extortion.”

Others said they do not mind some parts of the new proposals.

“I can understand the tolls, maybe for out-of-staters but not locals," said Michael Salone of Newington "But tire taxes and gas taxes, that’s not a good idea."

The gas tax seeming to strike a cord with many.

“Maybe the tolls," said Carl Brown of Windsor. "But not the gas.”

Carl Brown said the proposed taxes to new tires, and even nonprescription drugs could be the costs that make him pack his bags and leave the state.

“I have a home in Florida, so I think I might be going to Florida after that one," said Brown.

Then there are those who see Connecticut's financial woes as an internal problem.

“I think we have a spending problem in this state," said Daniel Hovey of Marlborough. "We already pay more taxes than most of the 50 states so I don’t think more income for the state is the problem, I think we need to get in control of our spending.”

The legislature will begin looking over the proposals on Wednesday, and will continue doing so over the course of the next three months.