Winter driving 101 at Lime Rock Park

SALISBURY -- Lime Rock Park still has action on course this time of year, it just moves a bit slower, and slides a bit more.

Far from a crash course, "Chevy Winter Driving 101" took over the snow-covered whitened black top on the autocross track at Lime Rock where drivers got hands on instruction on how to handle the elements.

"A safer driver is about education, practice, and then having the right car and the right technology," said Joe LaMuraglia, a regional communications manager at Chevy.

During the day-long course, drivers are taught steering techniques, braking and accelerating in the snow, and the proper spots to focus on the road ahead.

"The most practical tool you can have behind the wheel of a car is yourself," said Lime Rock driving instructor and racer Dean DiGiacomo, as he helped to coach from the passenger seat in a new red Chevy Equinox.

"You learn to trust that you're not going to create a bad thing inside the car."

Lime Rock Park utilizes their Autocross track for various Winter driving events throughout the season, to find out more, click here.