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Guilford police respond to report that teens were playing with gun before fatal shooting

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GUILFORD --  The Guilford Police Department isn’t saying much regarding the investigation into the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Ethan Song last week, but did make it a point to address a newspaper article published Wednesday.

The Hartford Courant cites law enforcement sources in reporting that police are investigating whether the two minor boys, in this Seaside Avenue residence, were playing a version of Russian Roulette when the shooting took place.

The Courant’s sources also said the boys were not aware that there was a bullet in the gun.

But, Wednesday afternoon, Guilford police released a statement on their Facebook page, saying “We have no evidence or information to suggest that the teens were playing a version of Russian Roulette or that the boys thought the gun was unloaded because there was no magazine in it.”

FOX61 has confirmed that the home in which the shooting happened, is rented by Daniel Markle, who owns a private investigation business in North Haven.

Both Mr. Markle and the minor boy, who was in the home when Ethan Song was killed, are represented by separate New Haven attorneys, who would not comment on the case.

Guilford Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Paul Freeman, declined FOX61’s request for an interview on the subject of whether the school system presently does or will in the future engage in gun safety education.

It is a class d felony In Connecticut to have an improperly stored firearm or allow a minor to gain access to it without a parent or guardian's permission. Those convicted face up to five years in prison.

The GoFundMe page Ethan's parents had set up to raise money for some of his favorite causes, has raked in over $100,000 in just six days.

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