1-on-1 with Governor Malloy following his State of the State Address

HARTFORD --  FOX61 caught up with Governor Malloy a day after his State of the State Address to talk about several topics ranging from Republican reaction on his speech, governing in his last year and his potential successor.

Both, Democrats and Republicans voiced their opinions on Malloy's speech Thursday, where Democrats cheered Malloy and the Republicans said he ignored Connecticut’s continuing fiscal woes.

"Well, I mean there were 35 standing ovations so I guess that was received pretty well," Malloy said. "This was really not a one day speech. We did transportation a week ago, we did the budget on Monday, the speech was given yesterday. I think it was well received."

Malloy dedicated much of his speech to how Connecticut can “offer a beacon of hope” to those “fighting on the right side of fairness.” He’s calling for improved paid sick leave laws, preservation of Affordable Care Act measures and a ban on bump stocks.

"I think what we're talking about are real issues that affect people," Malloy added. "You know, 51 percent of our population are women, and women are feeling under assault in our society. We have a lot of folks who work for the minimum wage. I think it was mistake to have January come and go without a raise in the minimum wage and we shouldn't allow that to happen again."

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano called Wednesday’s address a “political speech.” He said Connecticut residents would rather hear Malloy discuss how the state budget remains in deficit and how “we’re going to move this state forward.”

Democratic Senate President Martin Looney said it’s “entirely appropriate” for Malloy to point out Connecticut’s differences with President Donald Trump.

***Associated Press contributed to this report***