A thin layer of ice adds up for some businesses

NEWINGTON -- Less than a half-inch of ice can go a long way for some businesses in the area.

Snow storms always bring more cars to the lot at Turnpike Motors Autobody in Newington, but ice changes the equation.

"We don't get as much work from big snow storms than ice storms because in the snow people are smarter," said Marty Smith, the controller at Turnpike Motors.

Smith noted that the Turnpike technicians are busy fixing cars that have slid into guard rails and plenty of fender benders.

"We've got trucks piled two deep, we just have so much going on right now," she said.

In West Hartford, Larsen Ace Hardware has seen their share of business since the ice storm. General Manager Dan Hinman said there is no surprise the ice scrapers and salt canisters are flying off the shelves.

"We're putting the ice melt in pallets outside of the store and selling it right off the pallet."

Hinman added he looked forward to the warmer weather on tap this weekend, "but this is an issue right, now."

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