Wednesday’s storm calls for cleanup in Bristol

BRISTOL – There were icy and slippery roads across the state and the FOX 61 Stormtracker was all over the place Wednesday night – West Hartford, New Britain, Wolcott, Waterbury and Bristol.

Since the bulk of the storm has passed, most people are now in the cleanup process.

“Shoveling was pretty bad. My back’s hurting now from all the shoveling,” said Bristol resident Jason Hernandez.

Hernandez is currently on paternity leave, but he said despite how bad it was outside, he still had to fulfill his duties as a new dad, picking up formula at the supermarket for the baby and shoveling.

“It’s been really slippery. It’s been pretty bad. I felt like there’s been a lot of black ice so I was kind of sliding all over the place getting over here,” added Hernandez.

All day, cars were driving slow and people were shoveling and salting their driveways before the ice thickened. One person who has been busy, is Jennifer Johnson, who was plowing snow back and forth in the Walgreens parking lot.

“Kind of tedious. Slippery. I was actually the one doing the shoveling for a long time. My arms are a little sore,” said Johnson.

“I could barely get out of my driveway today. It was just crazy. I got out of work at 4 and my entire car was full of ice,” said Chassidy Gonzales.

Schools posted their cancellations early in the morning and left children like Patrick Pelletier extremely excited, but sad at the same time.

“I was kind of sad because we were supposed to have play dates so we didn’t have to do work today,” said Pelletier.

While the snow did not pile high, most people told FOX61 they are ready for winter to be over.

“When’s spring coming?” added Hernandez.

“I’m ready for spring!” added Gonzales.