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SEYMOUR -- A computer and a telephone may be standard order at most office jobs, but that’s where standard ends at Basement Systems in Seymour. It’s a workspace that looks more like Disneyworld than an office. Each part of the building is different from the next.

“We like to have fun, and just be different, and just have an interesting, exciting, fun place for our employees to come to work in every day. I think it gives us a competitive advantage in hiring the best people, and we have done that. We have a great staff,” said Larry Janesky, Founder and CEO of Basement Systems, Inc.

Those staff members were drawn to the interesting features of the space from a cafeteria modeled after a 50’s café to an iconic tribute to the American worker.

“This is Boomtown, this is an 1880’s mining town theme and this is the actual mine,” explained Janesky, as he showed us around.

“When I went for my interview here, I had no idea what it was like. I walked in and was like, what did I just walk into? It was just… I couldn’t stop talking to my friends about it. I was like, I went to this place, and it was so cool on the inside,” said Christopher Bergamo, who works on the Lead Processing Team.

“It’s fun. It makes you feel good, and really who doesn’t want that when they are showing up to work every day?” asked Jenna Masotta, Senior Account Manager with the Treehouse Internet Group, the digital marketing arm of Basement Systems.

It also fosters a sense of creativity and collaboration. At the Treehouse Internet Group, there are some desks on the floor level and other desks on top in treehouses.

“The way our workspace is actually set up is so that we have the ability to actually turn around and collaborate with each other, so if someone has a question or if somebody has an idea, they can just talk to the person next to them or below them in the Treehouse space. It really fosters a culture of creativity here,” said Masotta.

Creativity is needed for the expanding company. Basement Systems started in 1987 and has grown to 350 dealers across North America with 380 employees. The headquarters provides support services to all its contractors from training to graphic services to internet marketing services.

“We’re growing. We’re hiring. We have hired over 100 people in the last two years, and we’re continuing to hire,” said Janesky.

He also said the company plans on staying in Connecticut and growing its workforce here because Connecticut is its home.

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