Colchester community fighting the cold all for a good cause

COLCHESTER -- Rob Suchecki loves Colchester.

"This is a great place to live," said Suchecki. But he knows not everyone in his town is as fortunate as he is. "We're trying to help the community and give back," he said.

That's why he's helping raise money for the Colchester Fuel Bank. The organization helps people who have a tough time paying for medication, groceries and their heating bills.

In order to simulate how rough it is to live through winter without heat, Suchecki and a few friends will spend 48 hours outside on the Colchester green. They've been doing this for nine years straight.

For two days the group will collect donations from community members. However they're not alone.

Six local businesses decided to join the effort. This year the businesses are donating $7,000 to the effort.

Suchecki said they group has raised over $72,000 since they began the effort nine years ago.They said they'll be on the Colchester green until non Sunday.