FOX61 partners with Manchester High School to offer pointers from a professional

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MANCHESTER -- FOX61's Margaux Farrell visited Manchester High School on Friday for a broadcast journalism panel.

Margaux's visit was for a job partnership event where students got to hear from community members who represent a variety of different professions.

Margaux spoke to students about what her job as a reporter entails. Students said this is an experience they are thankful to have at their school.

"I was actually a transfer student, I went to a different school last year and I didn’t have as many opportunities," said 10th grader, Sophia Davillier. "I think that Manchester High School is really open to like different pathways that people have."

Student's said they enjoy learning about what options they have for life after graduation.

"I think it’s really good for individuals to be able to get an experience before they go off into the real world," said 11th grader, Hanna Little. "This place has a lot of opportunities that people don’t normally get at other places."

Those who help create the job partnership events at Manchester High School feel that these community partnerships help the students learn and grow both in school, and outside of the classroom.

"Well I think it’s great for students to get a taste of what it’s like after high school," said Beth Hayes who works on the school business partnerships at Manchester High School. "They can think about what they want to do or what they might not want to do. So, we are working on things like getting students out of the classroom as well, and things like job shadows, internships, things like that."

For more information on the job partnerships programs at Manchester High School click here.