Another rash of burglaries in Milford Friday night

MILFORD — The Milford Police Department says more people have had their homes broken into, continuing a pattern of brazen burglaries throughout the town.

As FOX61 has previously reported, all the break-ins have been carried out in the same way:  someone throws a large rock or other object through a rear glass window or door to gain entry to the home, usually between the hours of 4-7 p.m.

In social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, police said more homes were broken into on Friday, in different areas, and they said that people in all neighborhoods should be on the alert for anything suspicious. More than a dozen homes have been hit.

Police say the burglars have taken money, jewelry, and in at least one case a firearm.  A dark grey car may be involved. They’re asking residents to please report anything suspicious by calling them at 203-878-6551.