CAS Featured Student Artists: Anna P. & Stephanie P.

Anna P. & Stephanie P.


Seymour High School

Seymour, CT


Selected by Darlene Keeffe, Fine Arts Teacher, Seymour High:

“Both Anna and Stephanie have been a pillar in the visual arts at Seymour High School.  They are both actively involved in the academics of our visual arts program, each receiving college credit for several AP Art Studio classes among the many other classes in both 2D and 3D.  As juniors, they were voted to run our school’s Art Club as well as became the student Artistic Directors for our school’s theatre program.  They have assisted in curating “Expressions”, Seymour High Schools visual arts annual exhibition at the Greenwich Workshop Gallery, displaying some of their finest work, which was well received by the our community.

As Art Club President/Vice President they have been key in the planning and implementation of art projects, mural paintings and more recently, working with our community center and Boys and Girls Club to bringing color and artistic expression to their walls.  They are meticulous in each detail, ensuring the success of the club.  

As Artistic Directors of our theatre program, Anna and Stephanie have planned all visual aspects of our performances from marketing and program design, stage set design, props and costumes, to hair and makeup.  They were nominated as juniors for a Halo at the Palace Theatre in May and are hoping to be awarded this year for their hard work and dedication to “It’s a Wonderful Life” in December and “The Wizard of Oz” which will be performed on stage in March 2018.  It is one thing to be a part of the stage crew, but to carefully research, design, organize and lead a successful main stage production is quite an undertaking.”  


About the CAS Featured Student Artist 

In partnership with the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS)  and proudly brought to you by  Wood N’ Tap,  FOX61 will spotlight a CAS Featured Student Artist each month. This campaign recognizes excellence and promotes the value of The Arts for students in grades K-12 across Connecticut.

Representatives of the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) choose the students featured on the recommendation of the administration in their school district including principals and teachers in the arts. Each Featured Student Artist will receive a gift card from Wood N’ Tap restaurant group and a CT Art Trail Art Passport from the The Connecticut Art Trail.


About the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS):

The Mission:  is to promote excellence in the education of all students by developing the skills and effectiveness of school leaders including administrators, staff and students.

The Purpose: is a private, non‐profit organization whose purpose is to improve the learning of every student in Connecticut by contributing to the improvement of elementary and secondary education. CAS, through its divisions including the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), works to serve the collective interests and needs of Connecticut schools by providing leadership and professional development services to promote excellence in the education of all students.

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