‘Fencing’ among the most popular courses at Quinnipiac University

HAMDEN -- Foils and sabers are all part of the curriculum at Quinnipiac where classes like BIO 106 and ECO 221 might be well attended but "FLW 127" has become among the most popular.

FLW 127 is the course better known as "Introduction to Fencing" and it's taught by Professor Sandra Marchant, a real life professor of fencing.

"I have an international degree in fencing for teaching foil, it's strange but there is such a thing," Marchant laughed.

In addition to her class at Quinnipiac, Marchant teaches fencing across the state and has made it her mission to raise the profile of the sport.

With the help of two photographer friends, Marchant takes pictures while fencing all across the country, her favorite picture is of her dueling on a float in the Hudson River in front of the Statue of Liberty clad in T-Rex outfits.

"Why do this?" Marchant said, "because I want to bring awareness to the sport and if you have to put out cool pictures in unusual places to get people's attention, I'll do it."