HUGE boar caught on tape scavenging through a dumpster near a school

A giant boar seen scavenging through a dumpster has caught the eye of many.

A viral video that surfaced out of Hong Kong, shows the huge animal standing on the tips of its hooves trying to get its head in the dumpster. Next to the boar, are two piglets.

According  to Fox News, The terrifying video, posted to Facebook by Tu Dong, has raised concern across social media mainly because, how close the wild pigs were to the school.

Misaki Ceci wrote: “The wild pig is in front of the left school. I’m careful with Hyung-Hyung’s primary school, and I’ve got a wild boar.”

In Australia, feral pigs were declared pest animals in 2013, according to Fox News, meaning they can be legally killed by farm owners.