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‘Virtual kidnapping’ scam has neighbors getting terrorizing phone calls threatening loved ones in Monroe and Seymour

MONROE — Monroe Police are issuing a warning for residents after reports of an extortion scam.

Police say they’ve had several reports of “virtual kidnapping”. The scam takes on many forms, and it’s always an extortion scheme. It tricks victims into paying a ransom to free a loved one they believe is being threatened with violence or death.

Police in Seymour are investigating two similar incidents.  One victim actually wired $500 to the scammers. Police said after the calls are traced, they lead to oversea numbers.

Scammers are known to pick up on names used by the victims during the call to appear authentic.

Police are asking anyone who does receive a call like this, to please hangup and call police

Police say to hang up, and contact the loved to verify their safety. They advise you don’t allow the caller to create panic, and don’t send money to someone you do not know.

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