‘Nick will not have died in vain!’ President Trump responds on Twitter to Guilford mom

A national effort has been started to end the opioid epidemic after President Trump addressed it as a crisis. A Connecticut mom has turned her personal  tragedy into a story of hope by writing a letter to the President.

The idea was all started by a mother in Massachusetts who also lost her son to addiction. Her idea spread like wildfire on social media. Parents across the country wrote letters to the President to share their stories, as well as pictures of their children.

Sue Kruczek of Guilford wrote a letter, and, on Monday morning, the President wrote back, on Twitter.


It has been five years since Kruczek  lost her son, 20-year old Nick Kruczek, in October of 2013 from an overdose. Kruczek said every day, she would get a text from her son saying “I love you” until one day she didn't.

“The only thing I remember is begging them to please get there fast and fix my son,” said Kruczek.

It was too late - Nick died just 11 days before his birthday.