Body recovered at Pachaug Pond in Griswold ID’d as snowmobiler

GRISWOLD -- Around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday police were notified of something unusual in Pachaug Pond.

"We had an officer come down check the area. Couldn't confirm anything," said Captain Eric Lundin of Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police. "We did call in somebody with the use of a drone from the fire department and we were able to confirm that there was a body just under the ice."

Captain Lundin said the call came from a friend of 56-year-old John Dubois. In December, Dubois was on a snowmobile that fell through the ice in Pachaug Pond. The dead body was positively identified as Dubois on Wednesday afternoon.

Local residents who saw the recovery efforts hoped the body is Dubois so the family could move on.

First responders acted quickly and called in the dive team to retrieve the body. Two divers went out and slowly made their way to the body.

"Fire department has to use ice suits and ice gear to go across the ice and in some cases they're going across the ice or trying to break through ice to try to get out to where the body was seen," said Captain Lundin.

The cause of the accident that killed DuBois remains under investigation.