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Millennial gets marriage advice from seniors

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WEST HARTFORD -- On Valentine's Day, some are just starting a relationship while others have been together for many years.

One millennial is getting marriage advice from a couple that's been married for almost seven decades.

John and Barbara Sojka have been married for 67 years. They've been living at Brookdale Senior Living in West Hartford for about a year where they spend their days talking with their nurse Kathiria Maldonado. She's 27-years-old, and newly engaged. She's about to get married in September and has been asking the couple for marriage advice. She said with today being Valentine's Day she's learned from them to not place a lot of importance on giving gifts

"Back in the day, they didn't have that much, so I guess they did more romantic things....and now everybody just tries to buy gifts. So that's the one thing I have learned from them. They've shown me the bigger picture, it's not all about gifts and candy," said Kathiria Maldonado, resident care coordinator. ​

The Sojka's said they never spent much money on Valentine's Day to show their love for one another. ​

"We of course traded cards or whatever and gave each other a kiss but we didn't go out," said Barbara Sojka.

The couple told Maldonado their biggest secret to a long marriage is to talk problems out, even if it means cooling off for a couple days first before you talk about it.

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