Sen. Suzio challenges Eversource bill information

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HARTFORD —  State Senator Len Suzio claims thousands of Connecticut consumers with third-party energy suppliers are being charged incorrect rates. He said he noticed the problem first on his own bill.

Sen. Suzio said Houston-based Spark Energy is his electric supplier, and Eversource is his power company. He said his December bill showed his next cycle rate would be $.007 kWh, but when he received his January bill, the rate from Spark Energy was actually $.1299 kWh.

“In my case, the rate was almost double what I was told it was going to be,” said Sen. Suzio.

Eversource released a statement to FOX61, saying:

Unfortunately, Senator Suzio doesn’t understand how our bills are created and is perpetuating misinformation. The information provided on customers’ bills about alternative suppliers’ rates comes directly from those suppliers. In the senator’s case, the third-party supplier he signed up with was responsible for putting the inaccurate rate information into the automatic system.

Our customers deserve accurate and timely information on the supply rate they’re paying and we always encourage customers to check with their supplier so they know what their current rate is. We support any state action to ensure customers receive clear and accurate rate information from their third-party supplier.

Sen. Suzio said Eversource is absolving itself of responsibility. He has now filed a formal complaint with PURA, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, claiming the problem was known. He’s asking PURA to fine third-party suppliers for providing inaccurate next cycle rates, and refund customers for any overpayments.

PURA released the following statement to FOX61:

Senator Suzio recently wrote to PURA regarding a discrepancy on his Eversource bill. As with all such complaints, PURA immediately contacted Eversource and the underlying supplier to investigate.

Upon preliminary review, it appears that Senator Suzio’s electric supplier may have forwarded incorrect billing information to Eversource, which information Eversource relied upon to render recent bills to Mr. Suzio.

PURA has since begun an in-depth review of the matter as it relates to this electric supplier.

PURA will also be contacting Eversource, UI and all licensed suppliers to ensure that their billing data exchange protocols fully comply with state law, the terms of their licenses and the processes established by PURA.

We reached out to Spark Energy, but were told no comment.

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