Baby born in cell at York women’s prison; 2 UConn Health employees banned from facility

NIANTIC – The Connecticut Department of Correction says they are conducting an internal investigation after woman gave birth in her cell early Tuesday morning at the York Correctional Institution.

The DOC said as soon as they discovered the birth, the new mother and her baby were treated on site, and immediately transported to an area hospital for further evaluation.  Mother and child are reported to be in good health.  They are not releasing the mother’s name in accordance with health privacy laws.

Officials said pregnant women at the York facility are routinely provided with prenatal care, and it is policy that they be transported to an outside hospital when they are in labor.

Just how a was born inside a cell is still under investigation, but correction officials said preliminary findings have led to two UConn Health employees being told not to report to the facility for work until the  investigation is completed. The Department of Correction contracts with UConn Health for its inmate medical services, and UConn Health will determine their employment status.

In a press release, Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple said:

“Although the details of this incident are still unfolding, I cannot overstate how seriously this agency takes the health and wellbeing of the offender population.  The goal of health services within a correctional environment should always strive to meet the community standard of care.”

UConn Health issued a statement as well:

UConn Health shares the position of the Department of Correction; patient safety in all settings is our top priority. Our thoughts today are with the mother and her child, we are glad they are doing well.

We support inquiry into understanding the birth at the York Correctional Facility and have begun conducting our own review. We are proud of our people across the state delivering in facility care often under challenging circumstance through our Correctional Managed Health Care organization.