Responding to the Parkland tragedy from Hartford Schools

HARTFORD -- Responding to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida came quickly from Hartford Public Schools superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez.

Torres-Rodriguez offered her condolences to the community in Parkland and then shifted her message to the parents in her school system.

"We tell parents safety is our number one priority," Torres-Rodriguez said.

"We are very fortunate to have a strong partnership with our Hartford Police Department and with our first responders." Captain Jeremy Clark added, "

In Manchester, it so happened, a number of police officers were taking part in an officer training course which included responding to school shootings.

Manchester Brazilian Jujitsu which is owned by retired West Hartford Detective Rob Magao offers numerous courses that train SWAT officers for critical incidents.

Magao said, "we're working on officer survival tactics, basically when an officer finds himself in a real altercation."

Captain Jeremy Clark, who heads up West Hartford's emergency services unit said, "unfortunately this is what has evolved into society in police work that we train for mass shooting in schools."

Hartford Public Schools offers a safety hotline for students, the number is 860-200-7333.