School security expert says Florida school shooting could have been prevented

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CANTON -- Bill Smith has been a school safety expert for over 40 years.

He feels Wednesday's massacre at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School didn't have to happen.

"The tragedy is that this could have been prevented," said Smith.

He said there are cutting edge technologies that have the potential to change the landscape of school safety.

Smith credits Social Sentinel as an adequate tool. He's installed this at school across the state. The program scours social media for words and phrases that would indicate a person is either planning or has some kind of involvement in a threat to a school.

There are also facial recognition software that highlights persons of interest who may cause a threat to schools.

"That type of technology is exceptionally valuable not only to the school resource officers but also to law enforcement," said smith.

And they're not expensive.

He said equipping a school district with these kinds of technologies can help teachers perform a vital task.

"Safety and security of our children is the most important thing and educator does during the course of the day. That's expected. It's required these days. Our children must be made safe," said Smith.