Fame every four years for the Norfolk Curling Club

NORFOLK -- The Norfolk Curling Club, which has been in the town since 1956, seems to gain popularity every time the Winter Olympics occur no matter where the games are held.

As contests of curling teams are shown on TV from Pyeong Chang, at the Norfolk club the enthusiasm for the sport continues to rise.

"It's the activity, the endurance, and the camaraderie," said Caryn Trager, a member of the Norfolk Curling Club.

The Norfolk Curling Club, which was set ablaze by arsonists in 2011 and rebuilt five years ago, opens its doors to anyone who wants to take up the sport.

"It does lend itself to being the Joe next door type of sport," said Jon Barbagallo, a club member and the lead ice technician there.

"As long as you bring clean shoes and are ready to strain a muscle or two you are all set!"

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