WATCH: Off-duty state trooper chases down shoplifting suspect in Enfield

ENFIELD --  Connecticut State Police released surveillance footage of an off-duty trooper chasing down a man wanted for shoplifting.

State police said on Thursday evening, the off-duty trooper seen in the footage wearing a gray-hooded sweatshirt, was on his way to play basketball when he stopped at a convenience store in Enfield to buy Gatorade.

State police said as the trooper was parking, he heard a police radio broadcast that Enfield police were looking for a shoplifting suspect who was wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, along with the description of the suspect.

"As the trooper was getting out of his car he saw the suspect heading toward him," state police said. "The trooper turned on his cruiser’s emergency lights, identified himself as a state trooper, and the chase was on."

The off-duty trooper caught the suspect, handcuffed him and turned him over to Enfield police, state police said.