Heavy snow hits Connecticut Saturday night; plow trucks out in full force

HARTFORD - Heavy snow hit the entire state Saturday evening and plow trucks were out in full force keeping those roads safe.

It was a simple reminder from Mother Nature that winter is just not over yet.

Shortly before 7 p.m., Connecticut started seeing flurries and over a short period of time, it quickly accumulated.

“When we accumulate two inches of snow on the pavement, that’s when we plow. We actually treat the roads first and then we get the two inches accumulation, that’s when we begin to plow the roads,” said Vernon Matthews, Superintendent of Hartford Public Works.

Matthews said there were 29 plow trucks out on different routes. He said it was good the snow arrived in the evening because there were lesser cars on the roads, so the trucks can do their work.

“The temperature drops two to three degrees. That would turn into ice and then when you have areas where it’s a lot of wind - bridges, hills ... that can actually freeze. I would say please be aware and don’t take that lightly,” added Matthews.

When the snow first hit in the evening hours, trucks were lined up to get ready to load up with salt.
FOX 61’s camera captured the road conditions then and they were fully covered and it started becoming icy.

“It has been tough. This is snow event number 15 for the snow season. It’s been a trying season. Last year, we did 13 storms. Right now, we still have March and April and right now, we’re at storm number 15 so we’re prepared,” added Mathews.

The storm is expected to end around sunrise. Plow trucks are still expected to be out on the roads Sunday morning to clean up the remaining snow.