Snowy Sunday gets cleared out quickly

WEST HARTFORD -- People woke up across the state Sunday morning to snow, which impacted many people's morning and also caused some flight cancellations.

In West Hartford many people were out in the center early to grab a hot cup of coffee. Crews were working there to clear the sidewalks and shake the snow off the awnings. Crews were seen laying salt on the ground as plow trucks cleared the roads and parking spots.

At Bradley International Airport, some flight departures were cancelled.

"We are so excited, I actually took a photo this morning of our snowy yard to contrast with hopefully the bright green that we're going to be seeing on the other end," said Venuta Carulli, who was traveling to Fort Myers, Florida with her family.

She said she was thankful her flight wasn't delayed or cancelled.

"My son's learning how to read so we were showing him on the board how you can read the departures, and he was saying what does that red word mean, and I said you never want to see that red word. Luckily it's not next to our flight," said Carulli.