Local restaurant reacts to President Trump’s administration pushing to regulate server’s tips

MIDDLETOWN --  A push by the Trump Administration is making restaurant owners watch developments in Washington.

The Department of Labor is proposing a policy shift which would allow employers to take tips from serving staff and pool it. The Trump Administration said the owner or manager of an establishment would then be able redistribute it among back-end staff as well as serving staff.

Senator Richard Blumenthal blasted the proposal. Local restaurant reacts to President Trump's administration pushing to regulate server’s tips

“It still is important as a matter of principle and basic economic justice and fairness that workers, servers, and other who receive tips should keep them,” said Blumenthal at a press conference in Middletown.

The DOL has not provided a clear timeline as to when the proposal would, if at all, go into effect.

Blumenthal expects the change to be imminent.