‘Melted into history books’: Kent ice jam finally breaks, state of emergency lifted

Photo Credit: Jerry Blore

KENT — All the scary drama of the ice jams in Kent are now a thing of the past, says State Rep. Brian M. Ohler. The state of emergency is now over.

With the warming temperatures over the past week and a half, combined with rain, allowed the river water to soften and loosen the ice to the point where it’s finally moved down out of town.

“The ice jam, in its entirety, has broken up, dislodged, and now melted into the history books. This is exactly the scenario that Incident Managers and Meteorologists were hoping for,” says Ohler.

The state of emergency was implimented over a month prior, and finally ended on February 16th.

There were no injuries or fatalities to report from the jam, but some families are still recieving some assitance for damages.