Video shows woman hitting, kicking dog inside a Milford pet daycare

MILFORD --  Police are investigating after a video surfaced showing an employee at a pet daycare abusing animals.

The incident happened back in June 2017, at the Bark Avenue Pet House on Higgins Drive where the worker was seen slamming a fence door on one dog, pulling another dog by the tail.

The employee, a woman who had been at Bark Avenue for over three years, was put on administrative leave and fired soon after said the owner of the dog daycare, Mary Beth Stark.

“It was very disturbing,” Stark said of the video. “I was sick when I saw it and although no dog was injured, that’s not an excuse.”

Stark said that the State Office of Animal Control took over the case and cleared Bark Avenue. Repeated attempts to speak with the State Office of Animal Control went unanswered.

There is a possibility the fired employee could face penalties.

Officer Scott DeVito from the Milford Police Department said he has received a number of calls from concerned citizens who saw the viral video on Facebook.

“Being an animal lover just like everyone else, it’s disturbing, “ he said. “With the state (animal control department) being involved they’ll see this investigation through and hopefully it will come to a remedy.”

Stark notes that her clients have stayed loyal in light of the incident.

“I want them to know we took immediate action,” Stark said. “I’m praying this will never happen again.”