‘Connecticut Made’ logo to appear on hometown merchandise

HARTFORD -- Connecticut-Made products from craft beer to circuit boards will soon sport a logo touting their origin.

State lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled the new 'Connecticut Made' mark and encouraged businesses and industry leaders to use the red, white and blue logo as a promotional tool.

Stamford Rep. Caroline Simmons, the Democratic House chairman of the General Assembly's Commerce Committee, said the concept is a simple and effective way to showcase products made in Connecticut and help support local jobs.

The concept is similar to the Connecticut Grown label, which promotes local agriculture.

The Connecticut Made logo is available at the Department of Economic and Community Development's website . Businesses interested in using the logo on their products and services can also use that site to find eligibility requirements and guidelines.

"I think it's going to be great to change the mindset of some legislators to think pro business and pro manufacturing and brand creators like ourselves," said Adam Von Gootkin, Co-Founder of East Hartford-based Onyx Spirits.

***Associated Press contributed to this report***