Father, daughter charged after assault rifles, 66,000 rounds of ammunition were found in home

CALIFORNIA --  A father and daughter have been charged with having an illegal collection of weapons, including more than a dozen assault rifles, according to KTLA.

Police arrested Steven David Ponder, 57, and Riley Elizabeth Ponder, 27, at Steven's home following a raid.

KTLA said Ponder is banned from owning a gun because of his previous felony convictions.

State Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms found 28 firearms and 66,000 rounds of ammunition.

The collections included:

  • 13 AR-15-style rifles
  • 11 “ghost guns” with no serial number, meaning they can’t be traced
  • two fully automatic machine guns
  • several rounds of tracer ammunition

"If someone has this kind of firepower and they are going through great pains to make sure that it isn't traceable, it is for ill-gotten gains," said L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who announced the charges against the Ponders.

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