February 2018 Above & Beyond Award: Diana Rodrigues

Diana Rodrigues

Emergency Medical Technician (10 years, supervisor for 5 years)

American Medical Response, Fairfield County Connecticut


Nominated by William Drakos:

“Diana is the most selfless individual I have ever encountered.  Diana works tirelessly, and consistently goes above and beyond her expected duties.  She works her full time job as a paramedic in Bridgeport, Connecticut while going to school full time to get a degree in paramedicine — all to better her own life.  Diana is constantly the one that everyone can come and talk to if they are having a bad day or need advice.  She will show up to calls if a crew needs help, and steps up to prevent others from getting out late.  Diana is truly the best example of a selfless first responder I have ever encountered.  If all responders were molded after Diana, our world would be a much better place.  Diana does all of this without recognition.  I think it would be amazing if she was finally recognized and appreciated for all her work.”


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