Officials speak out after teen arrested for breach of peace in Old Saybrook

OLD SAYBROOK --  Police said they arrested a 17-year-old following an investigation regarding concerning behavior reported by parents and students.

Old Saybrook police said on Friday and over the weekend, students and parents communicated concerns to the police department about the comments and actions of a high school student over the past weeks and months.

Police charged the 17-year-old with breach of peace in the second degree, but said there is no evidence or information of any credible threat against any Old Saybrook school campus.

Police said the student was remanded to state custody by a Judge and will not be permitted on any Old Saybrook School Campus until such time it is deemed appropriate by the court and/or school officials.

"Additional police resources may be present at school campuses throughout the week, for no other reason than to allow our students and staff to know we are there to keep them safe," police said.

Police said all suspicious or concerning behavior must be reported immediately to law enforcement officials.

"Delays in reporting could have catastrophic consequences," police said. "Our priority is not to make juvenile arrests. Our priority is to keep our kids safe!"