Warm weather calls for golfing in the winter

ELLINGTON -- The calendar might say February but the mood screams June, especially in Ellington.

Rolling Meadows Country Club makes it a point to stay in the game, whenever possible, and with record warmth visiting Connecticut for a day, the golf got going.

"If we can be open we'll be open," said Steve Carle, the head golf pro at Rolling Meadows.

With temperatures over 70, the course was full of hackers from tee to green enjoying a rare winter Wednesday of golf.

"The weather in New England is unbelievable, you never know when you're going to get to play golf," said Ken D'Attilio, from Glastonbury after he made an approach shot up to the first hole.

"It's awesome to be on the golf course." Garbed in shorts and a golf shirt, Bill Cotti, from Springfield said, "It's wonderful, I'm in shorts and tomorrow there is supposed to be freezing rain."

Standing adjacent to a mostly full parking lot of cars, Carle estimated 100 golfers would play the course on February 21st.

Jeff Heath, from Hartford, got into his cart and said, "I'm going to enjoy this while I can, reality will be here in a day."