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Concerned for safety: Students, teachers, superintendents sound off on school gun violence

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EAST HARTFORD -- A filled lobby at East Hartford High School Thursday brought students, teachers, school administrators and superintendents together,  to express anger and concern after the Parkland High School shooting.

"We feel we have a special obligation to raise our voices in the aftermath of yet another school shooting." said Fran Rabinowitz executive director of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents.

After President Donald Trump mentioned the prospect of arming a select groups of qualified teachers at schools, Rabinowitz responded by saying, "I don't believe in arming teachers and I don't believe the superintendents believe in that either, we are professionals who signed up to be educators."

Imani Charles, a senior at East Hartford High School, said "I wouldn't feel safe coming to school knowing my teacher had a gun."

The students from East Hartford High School were united in their message saying "enough is enough."

"We have to stop things like this from happening again," said Mark Damachi, an East Hartford High School senior who will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall.

"17 people lost their lives in Parkland, Florida and we can't bring them back, all we can do is fight to make change now," added Damachi.

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