Junior Newtown alliance holds community vigil to remember victims in Florida shooting

NEWTOWN - There was a huge crowd lighting candles at the Blue and Gold Stadium of Newtown High School Friday evening to honor the victims of the Florida shooting.

It was an emotional night for a community who is no stranger to tragedy.

Despite the pouring rain, hundreds of people still came out to show their support letting Florida know they are not alone.

People shuffled into the stadium one by one with their umbrellas. There were parents, teachers and students who were all there for the same reason - to stand with Parkland.

People were determined to see change and determined to say enough is enough.

"We're acknowledging that this is happening because a lot of times it can get caught up in other media stories and other stuff and we're trying to unite the town and make them aware that this is a problem we're trying to stop," said Jackson Mittleman with the Junior Newtown Alliance.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty and Senator Richard Blumenthal spread messages of hope and called for action on gun control.

"Background checks for every gun purchase, a ban on assault weapons, they are weapons of war, designed only to kill people and high capacity magazines that enable them to be even more lethal," said Senator Blumenthal.

As the rain hit harder, the words resonated through the crowd even stronger.

"I was definitely very hurt by it because it just keeps happening and nothing is really happening to change," said Tommy Murray of the Junior Newtown Alliance.

As the vigil came to a close, the crowd walked around the track as they held tightly onto their candles. Once they reached the finish line, the rain subsided.

"The leadership of these young people is going to move America," added Sen. Blumenthal.

The vigil ended shortly before 7:30 p.m. and the Junior Newtown Alliance said they plan on having similar vigils.