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Groton police officer injured during traffic stop after hanging out of car for a mile

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GROTON -- Police confirm one of their own was injured during a traffic stop overnight after a suspect took off with the officer halfway inside the car.

The Deputy Chief of Groton police says that just before 4 a.m., Officer Tyler DeAngelo pulled over a car driven by Taj Dickerson.

Officer DeAngelo smelled marijuana, and Dickerson admitted to having some on him. A back--up unit arrived, and Dickerson went along with the officer's request to step out of his car. Dickerson informed officers that he had a pit bull inside the car, and officers told him to take the dog out.

A further search found crack cocaine, and officers made to arrest Dickerson. While they were putting the dog inside the cruiser, Dickerson ran back to his car. Officer DeAngelo chased after Dickerson, and a fight erupted inside the car.

While Officer DeAngelo continued to struggle with Dickerson, Dickerson was able to put the car into drive and sped awa with DeAngelo partially hanging out.

The car continued west on Fort Hill Road, and onto Poquonnock Road. DeAngelo tried getting Dickerson to stop as the car reached 50 mph.

Officer DeAngleo remained halfway out of the car for around 1 mile.

When it seemed that Dickerson was steering the car at a telephone pole, Office DeAngelo grabbed the steering wheel and steered them away. DeAngelo then let go of the car, and fell onto Poquonnock Road, sustaining some non-life threatening injuries.

Other officers stopped and helped him while some others chased Dickerson onto I-95 south. Dickerson continued into New London, and with the help of the New London Police Department, was able to be stopped.

Dickerson was finally taken into custody without any other issues.

He was held on a $500,000 bond, and taken to Superior Court for arraignment.

Dickerson then tried to flee. Some type of physical altercation broke out, and the suspect managed to get back inside his car to flee the scene. The officer wound up being half in, half out of the car for 1/4 of a mile down the road.

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