Heather Locklear arrested for alleged domestic violence

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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — California authorities say Heather Locklear has been arrested for investigation of domestic violence and fighting with sheriff’s deputies.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office website says the 56-year-old actress was arrested Sunday night.

Sheriff’s Capt. Garo Kuredjian tells Los Angeles radio station KNX the victim of the alleged domestic violence was a live-in boyfriend.

Kuredjian says Locklear was also booked on three counts of battery on a peace officer.

The former “Melrose Place” star has been released and is due in court on March 13.

Credit: FOX News

A source in the Ventura police department tells DailyMail.com that Locklear ‘was wasted’ when she and Chris Heisser, the high school sweetheart she recently reconnected with, ‘got into a physical fight’ at her house in Thousand Oaks, California Sunday night.

The source said the star asked an unidentified woman who works with her to call police, but that backfired on her when cops showed up and tried to arrest Locklear, since she had ‘practically bit the tip off of Heisser’s nose’.

This caused the actress to snap, and she ‘attacked three of’ the four cops that showed up at her door.

‘She punched the lady cop and called her a “c**t”, kicked one of the male cops in the balls and punched the third male cop and called them all “f****** assholes” ranting at them,’ the source said.

Because she had claimed to have been beaten by Heisser, Locklear was first taken to the hospital for evaluation.

She was booked into the Ventura County Jail around 1am on a felony count of domestic violence and three counts of misdemeanor battery on a peace officer.

Locklear was released from the jail around 6 a.m.  on Monday, after posting $20,000 bail.

Inmate records show her boyfriend was also booked, but it’s unclear on what charges. He was also released Monday morning.

Locklear’s first court appearance is scheduled for March 13.

The source also said that Locklear’s 20-year-old daughter Ava and another unknown male were in the house and ‘witnessed the whole thing’. The source said Ava is ‘mortified’.

The source said Locklear and Heisser got into another booze-fueled fight three weeks before she crashed her Porsche in September.

The former “Melrose Place” star has struggled with substance abuse in the past and most recently entered rehab last year.

She was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of driving under the influence but the charges were later dismissed. She was sentenced to three years of informal probation and ordered to pay a $700 fine and take a driver safety class.

In the same year, authorities were called to Locklear’s home following a 911 call from her doctor, who feared she overdosed on prescription medication but the warning turned out to be a false alarm.

According to TMZ, police went to the home of Locklear’s then-boyfriend Jack Wagner in 2011 after a fight turned physical between the couple. A law enforcement source told TMZ at the time that Locklear “lost it on him and he retaliated.”

Locklear’s troubles continued in 2012 when her sister called 911 after fearing Locklear “was going to harm herself.”

TMZ reported at the time that the actress had ingested a “dangerous mix” of a prescription drug, said to be Xanax, and alcohol.

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